Amazing Day at Lapland UK

By | November 28, 2016

Amazing Day at Lapland UK

On Saturday I travelled up to Ascot with my 2 granddaughters to visit Lapland UK, and I have to say this is the best pre-Christmas event we have ever attended, it was so magical.


An Invitation from Father Christmas

The experience begins with an invitation to attend from Father Christmas, we booked a bit late to get our letters, even so the children were delighted they had been personally invited to attend. Can you imagine how exciting it is for a child to be personally invited by Father Christmas to visit him in a magical winter wonderland. On the journey we chatted about how this was ” The Real Father Christmas” which made the children super excited.

A Magical Day to Remember

By the time we arrived in the enchanted forest the girls were bubbling with excitement, there is ample parking and parking attendants, hassle free parking is always a good start to the day. considering this attraction is in the middle of a forest everything is spotlessly clean.

The first thing the girls wanted to do when we arrived was collect their jingles,(the currency of LaplandUK) they loved the idea of having real elf money to spend. One pound = one jingle, and they are beautifully presented in a little red velvet pouch.




They were also given their own elf passports, which would be stamped so Santa could see they had completed all the elf tasks they were given,

elf passport

The visitors were split into 2 groups, The Huskies and The Reindeer, we were in the Reindeer group, we put on our reindeer stickers and waited until it was our time. While we waited we ate some really nice hot sausage rolls from the food outlet, which had some really mouth watering treats, the girls also took this time to get acquainted with a very friendly Elf.


Soon it was our time to go in, we were led into a theatre where we were entertained and given information about the day, by two funny elves.

elf 1 elf 2

the children had to shout out magic passwords to open the door to proceed on the adventure, and each time the password failed, the more the children interacted, when the door finally opened there were gasps of awe as we were greeted with a winter wonderland.

winter 2

winter 3


.The Toy Workshop

The reindeer were taken to the toy workshop where the little folk (children) were required to help make much needed toys that Santa needed for his list. the children listened intently as they were taught how to make a reindeer then a wooden teddy, when finished they had to take the finished product to the wrapping window, ready for the toys to be loaded onto the sleigh. The girls were delighted to get their first job stamped off the passport.


Photo 26-11-2016, 11 49 41 am

Mrs Clause Kitchen

Next task was to decorate a ginger bread man in Mrs Clause kitchen.

mrs clause

Before the task the elves sang for the children, then they donned their hats and aprons to decorate.

Photo 26-11-2016, 12 11 07 pm

Indie was more interested in eating the icing than decorating with it, they both enjoyed eating their own specially made ginger bread man.

indie ginger

When the gingerbread men were all made, the children sat down with Mrs Clause for story time.Photo 26-11-2016, 12 18 26 pm

The Elf Village

Next we were off to the elf village, where we headed straight for the skating rink, I have to say these girls are not what you would call ‘naturals’ on the ice, it was so funny watching them, especially when they abandon their penguins and ended up stranded, going around the Christmas tree in the middle of the rink, luckily there was a helpful elf on hand.

Photo 26-11-2016, 12 31 46 pm Photo 26-11-2016, 12 35 05 pm

We loved exploring the elf visit and the highlight for the girls was meeting the gorgeous Huskies.

husky 1

husky 2

All the elves are friendly and interact really well with the children.

funny elf

It was time to spend the jingles in the lovely elf store, which was beautifully decorated and had lots of reasonably priced gifts.

store 2


There were 3 places to eat in the village, which at 5 Jingles for a child’s meal were quite reasonable

Photo 26-11-2016, 1 09 31 pm

Next was a visit to the elf post office to write and post letters to Father Christmas, which were sealed with a special stamp to ensure they receive top priority.

post 1


Father Christmas

The time had come for us to visit Father Christmas, and the girls semi believed this was the real deal, not like the ones in the stores that are really his elves helping out. On the way through the forest, we came across the reindeer, this was my favourite moment of the day, Indie stood with her eyes and mouth wide open, and exclaimed “reindeer are real”? I said ‘of course, what did you think they were’? she replied ‘I thought they were ponies, with fake antlers stuck on their heads’ while I was giggling, she went on to say, “Now I know this is the real Santa Clause” then rushed off through the trees in search of him.


We were guided to Santa’s secret location by an excited elf, who told the girls to bang loudly on the door, before he had finished shouting “come in”, Indie burst through the door, Father Christmas said “hello Indie” and she turned back and looked at me with a priceless look on her face, a mixture of shock that he knew her name, and sheer awe that she was is the presence of the legendary Santa Clause.

The visit was truly magical, we were not rushed at all, Santa took his time to chat to the girls, telling them little facts about themselves, each time he mentioned something only close family and friends would know, the girls shot me a look, a look that said “It must be him”. Santa was really pleased the girls had collected their elf stamps, which he said would help him greatly, as he was short of reindeer and teddy bears, but there was one more thing he had to do before giving the girls a pre-Christmas gift, and the room fell silent as Santa and the girls poured over the ‘good list’. The girls were quick to find and point out their names, and looked very pleased that they were on the ‘good list’ the gift didn’t want to come out of the bag though and Santa had to wrestle with the wolf cub, to get him out, maybe he was shy, or didn’t want to leave the rest of the pack, eventually Santa managed to get them out and handed them to the girls, to be taken to their forever homes, with the instructions to put them on the end of the bed on Christmas eve so they could guide him to the right house. This Santa experience was by far the best I have ever visited, the girl left filled with Christmas spirit.

santa pic

On the way out we were given a complimentary photo, plus we were able to buy photos books with details of our day and a place to store the passports, as I was buying two I was given a discount, so got two gorgeous souvenirs of our truly magical day for £25.

If you want to give the children a truly magical experience and fully immerse them in a Christmas fantasy, then I would strongly advise a visit to Lapland UK I am hoping to return next year with my younger grandsons.



More info available at: Lapland UK

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  1. Wave to Mummy

    This looks amazing! I’m sure my daughter would love this, we should go someday. It sounds quite cute the way Santa found the husky pups in his bag… I bet the girls were excited! 🙂 #triedtested

  2. Cathy Glynn

    This looks like such a fabulous experience and even though my daughter is older I think she would still appreciate it x #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky

  3. Sonia

    It really looks like such a magical day out! We would love to go but sadly can’t afford this year… maybe next year! Wonderful post, Thank you so much for linking up to #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Contact the PR in October for a press visit 🙂 #ThePlacesWeWillGoLinky

  4. Beth

    It looks amazing, I was toying with the idea of taking my 2 year old this year, but in the end decided she is a bit too young. I think I will take her next year instead, it just looks so good I want to go myself! #ThePlacesWeWillGo

    1. admin Post author

      The younger children there on the day didn’t seem to know what was going on, wait another 2-3 years for the optimum experience 🙂


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