Ticketing nightmare – searching for the an elusive Beyonce presale code

By | February 9, 2016

Ticketing nightmare – searching for the an elusive Beyonce pre-sale code

I am currently totally wrapped up in the ticketing nightmare yet again,why has purchasing tickets got to be such an absolute nightmare, you join fan clubs to get presale codes, which dont get sent, then you have to stalk them on Twitter just to be ignored.

Every time any of the family want to go and see a mega star, i get wrapped up in searching for codes, then queuing in the ticketing system, and usually  end up with no tickets until a new date is announced, i wasted 2 days in January trying to get Justin Bieber tickets for my daughter, and i spent all day yesterday chasing a presale code for Beyonce, which as a member of The Beyhive, (which is currently unavailable) should have just been sent to me. It appears I am not the only fan who hasn’t received the code unrealitytv.co.uk just posted about fans freaking out and memegenerator.net posted this very apt picture.


Being seriously tenacious i usually end up with tickets i want, but find it really unfair that genuine fans have such a difficult time sourcing tickets when touts and resale sites seem to be inundated with tickets, this really isn’t fair on genuine fans, having to pay at least double face value is sickening, especially when your just trying to keep your child happy with tickets for their idol. There should be more sites like Twickets that allows genuine fans to buy and sell tickets at face value or below, i have used Twickets on a few occasions and have to say they are excellent for buying and selling, unlike the rip off sites and the shady shouters outside the venue.

However the nightmare totally disappears from your mind when Queen Bey takes the stage all you feel is goosebumps  🙂


2010 at the O2 Arena, well worth the ticketing nightmare 🙂

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      Hi thank you very much, it is a total nightmare 🙁


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