My Love/Hate Relationship With Apple Continues

By | June 8, 2016

My love/hate relationship with Apple is rapidly becoming just a hate relationship, as it continually swallows my time and money. We had the big phone fiasco last week, which ended in me getting a new phone off EE, my grandsons phone had just come back from repair, so there was only one cracked screen in the house, my partners which had been badly repaired by Fone Excellence in my local market, and is basically just good for the bin, but he has to endure it, using the speaker for each call is not ideal, but when you have a pre teen, a teen and a young adult in the house, your own phones are not important.

By Monday evening we have 4 broken screens, 2 just cracked and 2 totally smashed to smithereens, by falling about 2 foot, I scream and shout at the phone users but lets be fair wtf is going on with these screens, is it a total booboo by apple that they have made such an inferior product, or is it more likely to be another little section of the cash cow, can you imagine how much money is made each day by people fixing (or further breaking) iphone screens ?

It really is beyond a joke, I bought one of them protective silicon cases ready for Elijah s phone to arrive from the repairers, within 2 days the little voice came from the top of the stairs “nan my screen is smashed” it fell off the bed onto carpet in the case ffs, we ran a Nokia over with a motorbike (accident of course) and it still worked for about 3 years, yet Nokia are struggling while Apple reign king of technology, the world has gone mad.

I am now stuck with 4 broken screens and all the other issues with the phone broken while supposedly being repaired, so we are looking at a minimum of £318 to fix in Apple the thriving company that makes our moral compasses go haywire. I usually find it easy to block a disreputable brand, yet still continually buy products from a brand with a seriously unethical supply chain, and all these problems to boot, why are we all so brainwashed by the nice shiny all singing all dancing Apple products?

And I haven’t even started on the chargers yet, I am currently running around like a headless chicken looking for a wire to charge my phone before I go out, another little cash stream for the already thriving brand, we may as well just set up a direct debit with a huge chunk of our income to Apple. I am so sick of this constant phone hassle, but what is the alternative ? Samsung is the only realistic rival and their supply chain is equally as unethical and the screens cost even more to fix, so I suppose I better shut up and put up with the reoccurring expensive headful 🙁


9 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship With Apple Continues

  1. Jennie - Mummy Vs The World

    We have a nightmare with cracked screens too! Our ipad is cracked for the second time. The first time we got it repaired whatever the shop did they messed up the wifi signal so the only thing its good for now is my 3 year old playing games on it!

    1. admin Post author

      so annoying most valuable company in the world 🙁 x

  2. Anna-Marie

    How frustrating! I can see why you are so annoyed with Apple. I am all for Apple, but find it unbelievable that they can make so much money but have products that easily damage. Its such a shame as it really does put a dampner on their brand. Hope you get the screens fixed xx

  3. Lizzie Somerset

    The world does seem Apple mad! You’ve reminded me I need to get a protective cover for mine! Hope you gets the phones sorted out soon

  4. Cara

    Gosh, Nokia’s were indestructible weren’t they? Their battery life was insane too!


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