My bitter-sweet last Disney trip

By | April 8, 2016

My bitter-sweet last Disney trip: the last time I visited my most favourite place in the world Disneyworld was in 2009, I had been trying to return since my first visit in 2001. Our party consisted of me my daughter and 2 grandsons, the minute we walked off the plane and the immense heat hit my face, I forgot about the stress of everyday life and felt a mixture of relaxation and excitement.

We stayed in port-orleans-resort-french-quarter or French Quarters as my grandson called it, the hotel was everything you expect from a Disney moderate hotel and the pool was amazing 🙂

The boys loved the fact they could come back from a long day in the parks and swim in the dark. We discovered the most delicious benaise pastries which are a sort of doughnut sprinkled with icing sugar, even if we stay in a different hotel next time I don’t think we will be able to resist popping to French quarters to sample a yummy benaise.

The hotel provides a Sassagoula River Cruise to Downtown Disney which is so relaxing, a brilliant alternative to the shuttle buses. The first time we took the boat the captain was telling us a little about the area, he told us about a white Aligator that had been spotted on several occasions. On the return journey it was very dark and a bit choppy the waves were beating against the side of the boat, my grandson cuddled up close with his eyes closed, when I asked him what was wrong he said the white aligator was banging trying to get into the boat, it was one of them moments when you really have to be there, but we still laugh about it now.

We had the most amazing time and really didn’t want to leave but at least we had some amazing memories to take back with us. We had a very tumultuous flight and were happy to and at Gatwick Airport preparing for 2 long coach journeys home. I switched on my phone, which had been turned off since we left the UK and there was a txt “sorry to hear about your mother” my whole world came tumbling down around me, I wanted to just curl up on the floor yelping like a wounded dog, but I had to get these children home, My daughter knew by my face there was something wrong, but we didn’t tell the little ones. My daughter was my rock all the way home, she totally put aside her own grief to help me with the children. We rang ahead and my partner picked us up in Cardiff, where the caring was turned over to him and I could give in the grief that was consuming me. I agree the family did the right thing not telling me my beautiful mother had died, as I don’t think I would have got home any sooner but every time I go anywhere now I worry something bad will happen and nobody will tell me. My wonderful memories were tainted by the heartbreak and for a few years I thought I would never want to go to Disneyworld again. But as the time went on I realised it was time to make new memories, which is what my mother would have wanted us to do 🙁

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14 thoughts on “My bitter-sweet last Disney trip

    1. admin Post author

      I agree, I take more notice of what people say, rather than the travel companies, thanks for comment 🙂

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  5. This Mum's Life

    Oh what an awful thing to happen while you were on holiday… I’m not surprised that it’s put a huge fear in you that something like that could happen again. But like you say, you sound like you have some absolutely amazing memories. I love the sound of the boat ride to get you to the parks, instead of the shuttle bus! It really is the most magical of places isn’t it? I can’t wait to take my own children!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  6. Rosie

    I’m glad you had such an amazing holiday but so sorry to hear you got such awful news upon coming home. I hope if you manage to go again you’ll be able to make new, even happier, memories x #bigpinklink

    1. admin Post author

      thank you, the plan is to go back but life seems to get in the way, i will go back some day though xx


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