Finally found my mojo

By | July 29, 2017

I am finally back, after a few months chasing my mojo around trying to pin it down with zero luck. I had a few family and confidence issues so had a space of about 2 months where I could not face putting myself out there, when I finally returned I found I had been hacked 🙁 Silly me thought my security was fine, but take a tip from me, and keep updating to ensure everything is freshly scanned and running efficiently.

I was gutted when I discovered all the nasty posts secretly hidden behind my headings, I downloaded Word Fence then went about the laborious task of deleting the junk and restoring former versions of my posts. When I first saw the hijacked posts I have to admit I cried, as I thought they were lost forever, all the memories for my little un’s to look back on, gone. Luckily I have some very supportive friends in groups on social media and they helped me get all my memories back. I was so happy, but for some reason the mojo was still doing an Olympic sprint, with chubby old me in sluggish pursuit.

So many things have happened during this period away, we have had some sad frustrating times, with my lost soul of a son,  and the councils new and continuing bid to build on the The field. We have had some fantastic heart warming times raising funds for our Rainbows Princess Warrior which was a totally humbling experience. The most exciteing thing by far for me was I finally returned to the place that is constantly part of my thought process, the place some may say, I am obsessed with Disney 🙂 we eased ourselves in gently with a trip to Disneyland Paris, mainly due to financial restraints, but also due to my daughters fear after my last bitter sweet trip, I have spent all this time trying to persuade her to return, when all I really needed to do was take her to Paris to breath in the magic, she has finally agreed to return to Disneyworld, my spiritual home, the place I daydream of when things at home are stressful, so it just a matter of finding the funds and I can finally return to my happy place 🙂

Hopefully the return of my mojo is permanent, so I can continue to keep all my memories in one place, while hopefully helping others with my experiences, while juggling this lot, plus one 🙂


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