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By | June 11, 2015
Before the new happy to complain me, I endured endless bad service, meals with added extras such as hair or plastic, buying items which didn’t last without complaining. My colourful tutor taught me I was just wasting money and ruining experiences which I had looked forward to, well no more if I am unhappy I complain. It’s always good to know where you stand legally when complaining, for instance I went to the Apple store with a 15 month old handset which kept switching on and off, and got extremely hot for no reason.
I arrived at the shop 7 minutes late due to an accident causing a traffic jam, so on arrival I was told my 30 minute appointment had been reallocated so I would have to leave and make another, 23 minutes were still mine and no way was I leaving, and making another 60 minute round trip just before Christmas when I was in the midst of making hundreds of wreaths. Other customers must just leave in this situation as they young assistants didn’t really know how to deal with me, eventually I was told if I waited I would be seen, I was happy with that, as I was 7 minutes late so had to take some of the blame, I ended up waiting about 40 minutes, in any other store with a 10 year old that wait would have been a nightmare, but my grandson was in 7th heaven playing on the Mac book.
After inspecting the phone the Genius boy agreed the phone was faulty, and possibly dangerous and also out of manufacturers guarantee, so I could pay somewhere in the region of £200 for a like for like exchange. It’s always handy to read the sales of good act before stating your case (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1979/54) in this instance it was also helpful to know that Apple USA have a 2 year warranty on their items. So in a friendly I really don’t want to complain… BUT” voice, I initially asked him how long he personally would expect a £600 phone to last, his reply “a few years, I suppose” which meant he agreed with me the purpose of the phone was to last, in his words “a few years” so in lasting just 14 months the phone had not fulfilled its purpose, time for my favourite words “so it’s not fit for purpose” hence making it eligible for exchange through the sales of goods act, I then reminded him Apple USA guaranteed for 2 years, he went off and returned with my shiny new phone 🙂 no raised voices no stress, my knowledge enabled me to smoothly get my fair exchange.
Apple are much easier to deal with than many companies,even though their supply chain has much to be desired. some such as scuff gaming are a nightmare, I tend to steer away from these disreputable companies with no respect for PR. By sticking with reputable companies you usually get what you paid for, even if there has to be an exchange somewhere along the line.
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