Advice for Wanna Be Abusive Scumbags

By | January 9, 2016

So you feel you have drawn the short straw? Maybe you had a bad childhood? Saw your drunken dad beat your mum? Maybe you were beaten yourself? Been bullied at school? Or you could simply be aesthetically displeasing, possibly have a small penis, be sexually inadequate or have some pathetic syndrome such as middle child, if you’re really unlucky you could have a mix of them all. What can you do? You could draw a line under it all move on and find someone who loves you despite your shortfalls alternatively you can seek revenge and make others’ lives hell, after all you are a highly important individual with much higher than average intelligence, you may have no official qualifications, but, who cares, you know you are mentally superior and the sooner people bow before you the better.

Being a successful mental/physical abuser isn’t something that can happen overnight, it takes lots of practice and hard work to win over your victims, and ensure the general public either like, pity or admire you, if you can manage all 3, you can be very successful in mentally torturing your victims. You must maintain a happy friendly demeanour in front of the public at all times, go out of your way to chat to neighbours or anyone you come across, if you are on social media, ensure you are always perceived as the nice helpful friendly guy.  If you have days when you are finding it difficult to keep up the charade you can have a little pity party, and tell all your alchy/druggy peers how evil the victim is and how difficult you are finding it rescuing them from their former life. Social media is a fantastic medium for pity parties, you can whip up an angry torch wielding mob in no time, by putting up a status about how heartbroken you are.

Your choice of victim extremely important, happy confident people will see you for the dick you are, they are too busy focusing on important stuff, they may pity you a little but not enough for you to be of any relevance to them, they could be important in the future if you need people to say your just a sad dick, but harmless enough, but not victim material. The most important feature of your victim must be vulnerability, maybe they have suffered similar experiences to you in childhood/adulthood, maybe they have been fighting demons like drugs or alcohol or grieving, depressed single parents are a good source of victim, they obviously have at least one failed relationship and are more likely to want to keep any abuse quiet to minimise the impact on the children. The more of the above factors and others in the victim’s life the better, unsociable people are good too, after all you’re the life and soul of the party, who has, out of the goodness of your heart taken this grumpy issue ridden bitch into your massive heart. You subconsciously know you don’t have the looks or charming repartee to win even a frog, so the basis of the relationship should be one of pity, tell the victim how nasty former girlfriends have been, and if they are a single parent, you must make sure to tell them how completely devastated you are because your cruel bitch of an ex doesn’t allow access, and how much you adored doting on your child. The next step is to make sure they know what a prince you are, kind caring considerate, I know you don’t want to spend your beer money on gifts but you are investing in your future so the pennies for a few flowers or chocolates will be returned 100 fold when you eventually reach the nirvana of living as leech. It may be hard to keep up the façade of the wronged man who has battled through to become the lady’s hero, the knight in shining armour she has been awaiting, but think of the future, you can have a personal slave a worthless bitch that will cower at you every snarl, and this part of the journey isn’t so bad, she’s beginning to believe your everything she ever dreamed of, even though it was a little difficult getting over your Shrek like appearance. Depending on the vulnerability of the victim this section of the journey should take a few weeks maybe months, in which time you must ensure you win over any immediate family, who have been on the lady’s sad journey with her, definitely win over the children, a poxy few sweets or trips to the park should be enough, and if you could manage to impregnate the victim you really are doing exceptionally well and can begin letting the mask slip.

Now life as a scum bag can truly begin, whatever you don’t make the mistake of being abusive in front of others, remember these are the people who back up how wonderful you are to your next victim, if this one does ever man up. If for some reason any of these groomed people do see an altercation, you must endeavour to give a full and frank reason for this incident, the more bizarre the better at the end of the day these idiots don’t know that under the depressed anti-social bitch’s exterior there is a real person, with a heart and feelings, you can tell them whatever you want, they have no reason to disbelieve you, after all your friendly Mr Nice Guy. Another thing you need to remember before the mask slips is to separate the victim from family and friends, she currently either adores you or is at least very grateful that you have come to save her, getting her to see a different side to the people who were around in the dark times should be a piece of cake, a good seed to plant is “were they a contributory factor to the dark times”? The more reliant she is on you the quicker you can slip back into slime ball mode. You however should remain civil to the family/friends, so they see you are ‘the reasonable one’. The first really serious case of abuse is the time they are most likely to leave, so make sure you convince them this was a one off (obviously caused by the victim) and you are mortified and it will never happen again, stress to them how wonderful you really are and maybe roll out the flowers and chocolates again. If the victim believes you, then you can relax, you have finally reached scumbag status and can now do whatever you want, whatever you do don’t contribute to the household finances, in fact if you’re a bit short rifle her purse, remember only criminals commit crimes, stealing is a crime who on earth is going to believe you were capable of such a thing. And always remember if she finally seeks help the police and juries are gullible too, they believe the person that’s strikes up a rapport with them, not the bullied seriously unhappy person who can’t even make eye contact with them, just stand your ground and you will soon be free to torture some other poor vulnerable person and their children and animals.

Ladies if your guy shows any signs of morphing into an abusive scum bag, don’t let it drag on, seek help there are plenty of organisations in place to help you. They can help turn your life around but more importantly keep you and your children mentally and physically safe.

Thank you to Pip from beautyandallthebeasts for giving me the confidence to post this piece x

A wonderful organisation in my town is:

in other areas:



or contact your local council or police station for information of services in you area, Stay Safe xx







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9 thoughts on “Advice for Wanna Be Abusive Scumbags

  1. Karen cross

    Excellent piece of writing, having been through this myself i can totally associate myself with everything written, i wish this had been written a long time ago when i was going through it as so many people who go through it feel so isolated, i think if someone who is going through it now and reading this will find comfort

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Kar, if it only helps one person it was worth posting x

      1. becca

        Far too many. I’ve argued with so many people who think an abuser’s a nice person. And shudder to think how many i might have met and liked. People are capable of anything.

        1. admin Post author

          I can really relate to that, its so sad that you cant just take people on face value, the person who inspired me to write that piece is well known as a “lovely boy”, total monster, people are very gullible 🙁 x

          1. becca

            It made me feel normal reading this. Like it wasn’t just me knowing that the mr nice guy do anything for you was a bully and a leech. And no matter how many people ask ‘what’s her problem’ i know it’s not me that has one. Not any more. X

          2. admin Post author

            I knew most people wouldn’t get the point i was trying to make, this post was specifically for people like us who can see through the Mr nice guy, people who think you have a problem are really not worth your brain space,, glad you no longer have a scumbag in your life x

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