how can mobile phone companies get it so wrong

By | June 1, 2016

I am currently sat with my telephone wedged between my head and my neck, waiting rather impatiently for EE, in the last week I have wasted at least 7 hours of my life either on the phone or in-store to Apple or EE, in the type of scenario that really only happens to me.

We visited the Apple store last Thursday with a smashed screen wanting the £79 repair, as the Apple customer care team had booked the appointment in their own name, so we had to wait for a different appointment and wander about for 45 minutes.

When we finally got to speak to the genius, I asked him advise on other issues we were having with the handset, such as the inability to text, messages being deleted  in front of my eyes and the handset becoming frighteningly hot, The genius said these were issues that would cause them to exchange the handset if it was in warranty, the handset was 5 days out of warranty but he said that was not a problem, happy days, or so you would think.

After tapping my IEMI number into his ipad, he announced my phone was registered on 21st of September 2014 to somebody called Sam, I am not Sam and my phone was purchased directly from EE on May 21st, so i log into my EE account to provide proof of this and on my account it shows n that date there was a 5s purchased, my phone is a 6 🙁 He told me to go to the EE store and made an appointment for us to return in 1 hour. So there was the first hour and a half of my life wasted.

update: still on phone to EE 30 mins later 🙂

At EE on explaining the whole complicated story, I was told I would have to retell it to someone else, I explained what had happened to a boy called Jack, he initially seemed to think I was pulling some kind of fast one, until I pointed out the plan I was paying for was for a 6 not a 5s, which would have been much cheaper, he agreed and rang somebody at EE to try to sort it out, The hour for my Apple appointment came fairly quickly but as we couldn’t get a signal in an EE store on an EE phone, we couldn’t txt Apple back so my daughter had to run up and arrange yet another appointment, so appointment number 4 with Apple 🙁

Eventually we were told EE would provide proof of purchase which we would receive within 48 hours, I was not happy with that as it meant another trip to Apple 25 miles from home, Jack asked would they send it to his EE email so he could print it out, as the girl had to wait for this to be authorised by a manger that was in a meeting we had another wait, which was at least a hour maybe more, by this time I was hungry and peed off.

Update: still on phone to EE 45 minutes later 🙁

Back at the apple store armed with evidence we discover the genius has left, so full explanation needed yet again, I was sick of hearing it myself by then, this new genius went off to speak to his manager and came back with the amazing news (not) that the September date was still live so they could do nothing, I had to ring Apple care who could remove it, I was offered to ting from there but we were already pushed into rush hour traffic and my grandson needed picking up in less than 1 hour, we missed him anyway and he had to walk 🙁The Great Wall 2016 movie streaming

update: still on phone 50 mins

Friday I rang Apple care, who after at least a hour and 3 advisor’s informed me, the issue lay at EE’s door, which was fair enough, if their paperwork was in order Apple would have replaced the handset in the very first appointment and EE would have been none the wiser.

Ring EE explain the whole sorry tale and promptly get cut off, I rang back, explained it all again, initially they were reluctant to change the handset or even the date it was purchased, in the meantime i was browsing the printed evidrnce provided by Jack, on which it stated a 24 month warranty, I advised i would pursue this in any way possible, then after a 2 hour call, details of which would bore you too much, they told me I would be called on Monday by the investigation team re: replacement handset and as a gesture of good will would wipe this months bill and credit next month with £45, how kind 🙂

update 1 hour 5 minutes into call to EE  and they have just cut me off again grrrrrrrrrr !!!!

Anyway, checked my bill Saturday it had been paid, but when i checked my bank statement today Wednesday, surprise surprise I paid my own bill, just got cut off another twice, finally through again, looks like its going to be another long day.

Mobile phones and their service providers are a total nightmare then add old ethical Apple to the mix and yoy have a recipe for a situation that can push you right over the edge, and what can you do ? sweet FA as you stupidly tied yorself to them to get a nice shiny all singing all dancing handset, which you know is the wrong decision, not only for your mental health but for the poor victims along the supply chain.

What is it with Apple products that repositions our moral compass

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