Loving the Merlin Passes – part 4 – Legoland

By | August 20, 2016

My loving the Merlin passes – part 4 is Legoland. After a scorching day in Chessington the day before, we were all a little tired, but luckily the weather was cooler, the girls were bouncing with excitement they adore Legoland, its definitely their favourite UK theme park. Gabes Merlin Pass had disappeared and to replace it you need to go back to the place you purchased, which for us was Legoland, I was expecting that to take forever, but it was done quickly and just cost £10.

It amazes me what can be made out of Lego, the intricate detail on some of the models is awesome, I can only just about manage little square people in a basic house.


The park was pretty full, and I think my days of 2 theme parks in a row are well and truly over, so we decided to fast pass, which meant we managed to ride what ever we wanted, fairly quickly. There are lots of rides and attractions for the littler ones, the teen would have happily stayed in the Game zone all day, but the girls were keen to explore. There are so many photo ops in the park but we were so busy having fun we didn’t get many pics.

Indie was super excited to get her driving licence, she had been chattering on about it all morning, she was literally bouncing with excitement when we got to the ride.

lego driving

Darla had been waiting for the boat ride, she remembered her mean brother not letting her drive last year, so quickly partnered up with me so she could be the captain, she steered well, especially around the spinning boat in front of us.

boat lego

The Atlantis Submarine Adventure is fab, you travel under water through all the fish, sceptical teen insists its a screen, but you really are immersed  in a magical underwater adventure.


We managed 10 rides and watched the highly amusing Pirate show, I couldn’t face the trek back up the hill so we took the hill train back up. We had a fantastic day, I am a little disappointed with myself for the lack of pics, but maybe that’s a good excuse to take another trip to Legoland before our passes run out 🙂


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Rhyming with Wine

5 thoughts on “Loving the Merlin Passes – part 4 – Legoland

  1. OddHogg

    We went to Legoland as kids and loved it! That was about 15 years ago now though. I can’t wait till Piglet is old enough to go back #fartglitter

  2. Our Cherry Tree

    I love our Merlin passes too! I’m so pleased that we got them as we’ve already had so much fun with them. This reminds me that we have to have another Legoland day soon. #fartglitter

  3. Rhyming with Wine

    Your photos are fab! I’d love to go to Legoland. We quite fancy it as a trip for the Tots’ birthdays as I’ve heard nothing but good reports! Thanks for linking to #fartglitter x


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