I finally get to breath in some Disney Air

By | August 1, 2017

I finally get to breath in some Disney Air

As we made our way into the park with 2 very excited princesses, I could feel my tensions slip away, problems at home, my fear of flying, all melted into the hazy background as I was just about to immerse myself in the magic. I was back, I was finally about to breath in some Disney air 🙂 I am a real bargain hunter and always search for the best deals, every year I find a package directly with Disney  is always the best buy.  I would also highly recommend adding a  meal plan as it can be quite expensive to eat without one. I love knowing that our food is included, it makes budgeting so much easier, I have done this trip with and without a dining plan, its definitely more cost effective to have one.

I have also done Disneyworld Florida with and without a plan, last time we were lucky enough to book on the free Disney Dining Plan which, was totally amazing and really allowed us to budget more efficiently.

The princesses fall in love with Sleeping Beauties Castle

The girls were loving being princesses and were delighted as the cast members, bowed and called them princess. As we came onto Main Street, the girls were chattering away, only aware of what was going on immediately around them. When suddenly there it stood, the absolute epitome of magic in full site. I told them to look up!! As hoped, they both gasped with excitement as they saw Sleeping Beauties Castle for the first time. There is nothing quite like the feeling of watching a child, finally seeing, what they have been dreaming of for so long.

Its at times like this I really wish I had that knack for the perfect picture, and a really good camera, to be able to justify the full beauty of the princesses and the Castle. As we walked through the lower entrance to the castle, I walked behind the girls with my video on, waiting for the reaction from the surprise that lives there, (I wont disclose the surprise). I still laugh at my grandson screaming like a girl, but the princesses weren’t phased by it at all.

The Sword in the Stone

Not being your stereo typical princesses the girls were determined to pull the sword from t he stone. It had been several years, since I stood watching one of my darlings putting maximum effort into this task, and it was just as magical as the first.

Meeting Mickey

The first thing the girls wanted to do was meet Mickey/ The CM, immediately made the princesses feel special with a little bow, when Indie bowed back, he gave them important information on princess etiquette ” A princess, never bows to anyone”. We waited a short time, and soon we were in the presence of the Legend, that is Mickey, and he did not disappoint. Soon he had the princesses dancing as he tried to drape himself in their capes, and even the shy princess was happy to plant a huge kiss on his cheek. Mickey was very insistent that, the older kids immerse themselves in the magic too.

This was the first time we bought a  PhotoPass but it wont be the last, it was brilliant getting all the character meets and ride pics online.

Time for the rides

We rode the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast over and over, trying to beat out previous scores, this ride was our overall favourite, its so much fun.

Us girls really loved Small World Elijah had the obligatory bored face of a teen, but I think he secretly enjoyed it, I distinctly remember the first time he rode small world, he gave the biggest gasp of any of the children I have taken on.

 I was so disappointing with myself  that I hadn’t checked which rides were closed before I booked, we love Pirates of the Caribbean but it was closed for a refit, its now reopened and is supposed to be amazing, I seriously need to get back there. As we were only there for 2 days and I hadn’t really planned as well as usual, we didn’t get to do The Princess for a day or dine at Auberge de Cendrillon 🙁

It was finally time for The Parade


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