I Finally get to breath in some Disney air – The Reveal

By | July 29, 2017

After our last bitter/sweet Disney trip I initially (for once in my life) had no desire to visit again, when I finally booked again, my Father in Law, passed away, 2 days before departure, so we had to cancel. I wanted to book again, but my daughter, swore she would never go again. For years I tried all my powers of persuasion, but she would not budge, so I tried a different tactic, which worked and she agreed to visit Disneyland Paris, I was so excited, I would  finally get to breath in some Disney air.

I was suddenly more alive than I had been for over 6 years, my planning was in progress and my hyper mind was content. We decided on The Newport Bay, I would have loved to stay in the Disneyland Hotel (and I will one day) but sadly money restraints did not allow. We stayed in The Newport Bay before, but my ridiculous phobias were at fever pitch, so we couldn’t enjoy the Compass Club benefits, as I needed to be on the ground floor, then the second day, the horrendous stomach bug that had been doing the rounds in the local school, finally caught up with me, and totally floored me. Se we felt we needed to return to try again.

When the trip was booked, my mind became engulfed with the big reveal, I had never done one before, just told the children, immediately after booking, ( I am bad at surprises), but with 2 very excitable girls going on the first trip they were likely to remember, also with Christmas approaching, I decided to plan a Christmas day reveal, with all the presents having a Disney theme.

As with everything Disney I became totally obsessed with making the reveal as special as possible for my girls, I think I went a little over the top and made it a little overwhelming for them, they had cases, outfits, swimwear,towels, underwear, even a 2 tier cake, even a Pandora bracelet with Disney charms. The adults in the family were quite bemused at how incredibly excited I was, they are used to me being the grounded kind of grumpy one. I was definitely the most excited about this trip and the reveal, I love happy Disney thoughts.

After the reveal I could finally become stupidly excited for my first visit to my spiritual home 🙂

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