I finally get to breath in some Disney Air – The Parade

By | August 1, 2017

I finally get to breath in some Disney Air – The Parade

One of the most magical parts of any visit to Disneyland Paris is the Parade we get our snacks and settle down to wait about a hour prior to the start, seems a bit boring at the time, but that hour makes the difference between having a clear view and character interaction, or not.  You can get all the information you need for the parades and other shows here

The characters give the children so much attention as they dance past, and if your child is in character, they pay even more attention, my oldest princess is very shy and reserved, and rarely lets go or enjoys public interaction, but when Rafiki kissed her hand and bowed, the look of sheer awe was etched over her face for anybody to see.

To enjoy the parade and collect some fabulous memories on camera I think you need to see it twice, one for your enjoyment and once to concentrate on catching the awe.

The chatter after the parade was all about how many waves, kisses and bows they had received, we sat near the start of the parade, and seemed to have so much more interaction than we have before, not sure if that was to do with, the location  or the costumes.

The parade is so magical for children of any age, and the excitement of your favourite character dancing out, is immeasurable

kisses from Cinderella


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