I Finally get to breath in some Disney air – The Journey

By | July 29, 2017

I Finally get to breath in some Disney air – The Journey

We Decided to fly from Bristol Airport to Charles De Gaulle with Easy Jet,  I have never flown with them before, ideally we would have liked to fly from Cardiff but the difference in price was huge, we all flew from Bristol for the price of 1 from Cardiff, not worth it for the extra half hour travelling.

I was determined to indulge the girls in magic throughout, so bought some Tulle and croquet tube and made them some Minnie outfits, we all wore our Mickey ears the whole time too,

The girls loved the attention the costumes got from the staff and passengers, which added to the overall excitement.

The check in process was fast and efficient, and the girls cases were added to the cargo luggage free of charge, which I thought was a nice little touch, before we knew it, we were being called to the boarding gate.

I am a really bad flyer, such a big baby, but the flight is so short, we arrived in Paris before we knew it,

My granddaughter was super excited that she could see the Eiffel Tower from the plane.

We arranged shuttles through Parishuttle and our driver was waiting for us as we came through departures, he was really friendly and helpful, the vehicle was spacious and really clean, it cost 70 Euro, which is about the amount we would pay for the Disney Express, but with this option we were taken straight to our hotel, and it was more peaceful than the Express.

Finally we were there 🙂

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