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I have been comping on and off for 23 years, the first prize I won was a bike from twistandsqueeze which involved sending off some bottle tops and finishing a tie breaker, which read Twist and squeez and Rayleigh are a perfect combination because……….. even after 23 years i remember what i wrote:

“I can Twist and Squeeze
As I peddle with Ease”
I was delighted when the received the letter to say i had won especially as the previous year had been the worse year of my life, the bike was gorgeous with a big disk on the back wheel with the Twist and Squeeze logo, We still have the bike (serious hoarders)  and the disk has only recently been remove as we changed the wheel.
For years after i dipped in and out of comping i won some silly things like a six pack of nicnacks and a nice jungle book goody bag, but nothing major. I wish i had been a serious comper in those days as it was a much easier time for winning as entries were via post, but my fickle nature doesn’t really allow long term hobbies.
A few years ago i got back into comping just doing a few hundred comps a week, I came across the Oreo lick race comp, so i recruited family members to assist, with making the initial video:
Then I harassed everyone I knew to vote, lucky tenacity should be my middle name, I am quite happy to hound people lol. I couldn’t believe it when I received a call to say I had won a weekly prize of a black Wii with lots of accessories, shortly later I received the news we were in the final top ten. For the final we travelled to London for 2 fantastic night’s stay in a Holiday Inn and VIP passes to the Jolly Day Out at, at Hampton Court where the final took place. I planned to make costumes of a tongue and an Oreo but my family thought that was a lame idea, so stupidly I listened to them, we had a fabulous day





Sadly we didn’t win the grand prize, the winners had costumes, which we would have had if i hadn’t listened to advice, but we did get a Nintendo DS, so all in all a prize well worth winning, I am still chasing the elusive Florida holiday win 🙁
I stopped doing comps for a while then but since i have been back my main wins have been £1500 worth of clothes from Get the Label, and a weekend in the beautiful Hassness House on the Lake District and a fabulous VIP vist to Thorpe park where we had our own escort for the day giving us front of line access.
I have probably missed quite a few out but off the top of my head this is what I have won, when you bear in mind I can do 4-5000 in one week its not really a lot of prizes:
Bike  Jungle book goody bag 6pk nik naks Weekend in
London Wii Ds Tiny tempeh tickets Baby bag Miley cyrus tickets Wireless tickets Vfest tickets Raybans Lollibop tickets Coat £100 trueprint credit £1500 of clothes £10 amazon voucher Bar of chocolate Case toilet roll £20 for party stuff Pen Quiche Book covering £100 off bed Short break in lake district Bar chocolate Mug Personalised Picture Belt Cups and saucers Giraffe toy Elemis stuff Cook book x 3 Back belt Book Rugby ball Tickets for usher x 2  Tickets for country show, reading tickets, xfactor tickets, and lots more, ply a biggy off my wish list Family Merlin passes.
I am still chasing the elusive Florida holiday, and I am currently buying 5-10 bags of M&M’s daily in the hope of winning their Meet Mrs Brown in America comp.

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