#30daywriter day 6 another obsession

By | July 6, 2015

#30daywriter day 6 another obsession

As my obsession with the m&ms.competition intensifies i find it difficult to write about anything else, I am, as per usual when I get obsessed, allowing the competition to over take my entire thought process, I even dream about something associated with the competition, surely this cannot be normal, i really don’t know how my family endures my occasional obsessions. I woke up this morning convinced my winning email had got tangled up in my email security, i even messaged M&M’s on Facebook to enquire they kindly humoured me and checked the winners list, which was good and bad news at the same time, i hadn’t won which was bad, but my email security hadn’t blocked the much wanted email.

I was distracted a little this morning when i went for my first mammogram, nice little van parked up at the doctors surgery with 2 lovely friendly ladies, luckily i was first in, so was really quick, was a little surprised squishing your boob to that extent was allowed, it was a little painful but nothing compared with the pain you can avoid by catching symptoms of a devastating disease early. The minute i left the van my thoughts turned yet again to m&ms, i was absolutely delighted when i discovered some small packs in my local shop, you could see the exactly what was going through the guys mind as he served me “Whoa no wonder she’s a fatty” better than him knowing i’m an obsessive mare who doesn’t even like M&M’s i suppose.

Today’s bag of M&M’s

I thought i would take my mind off the competition by trying out some new templates on my blog, massive fail, unless you are some tech genius or want to pay there’s only basic stuff on offer, paying is not an option ATM as any disposable income gets spent on M&Ms.
Even Candy Crush is taking a back seat, just as well as level 1053 has me stumped
At times i really wonder if I am an actual real life adult or a 5 year old wrapped up in wrinkly skin 🙁
Hopefully day 7 of #30daywriter will be a little more interesting than day 6, maybe even exciting if i receive the much awaited email, wishful thinking 🙁

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