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By | August 9, 2016

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Anyone that reads my posts will know I am always looking for new fun things to do with the grandchildren, you will also know how much I love a bargain, so the first thing I do when planning a day out is look at Groupon things to do. There are so many things do to with amazing savings, for example 53% off bowling such an incredible saving surely has to make it worth doing a little Groupon search before you decide where to go.



An activity we never book without checking Groupon is paintballing we saved a staggering 89% on this activity and the children loved it. We were able to take extra friends due to the saving, which enabled my grandson to take his whole friendship group which was really nice.

We have been ice skating


and tobogganing, plus lots more.


I check Groupon offers regularly as sometimes there are deals which are too good to miss, so we have a little impromptu trip. Recently we were going shopping with my grandson and his friend in tow and noticed a deal on Groupon for super tubing directly next door, by purchasing this deal we had 2 well behaved boys while we shopped, then sat and relaxed with a coffee watching them tiring themselves out running back to the top of the slide, so nice peaceful boys on the journey home too, easiest shopping trip I have had with children.

No matter where you intend to travel always check Groupon things to do in that area, to save you lots of money on fun activities for all ages. Keep up to date on the latest offers by following:



                                  How do you save money with Groupon?

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