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how can mobile phone companies get it so wrong

I am currently sat with my telephone wedged between my head and my neck, waiting rather impatiently for EE, in the last week I have wasted at least 7 hours of my life either on the phone or in-store to Apple or EE, in the type of scenario that really only happens to me. We visited the Apple… Read More »

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Tragedy at Cincinnati Zoo

There are so many opinions on what happened with Harambe at Cincinnati Zoo Social media is awash with posts, many condemning the decision to kill this magnificent creature, blaming the parents, others agreeing the right decision was made, either way this was a  tragedy for all involved at Cincinnati Zoo. How sad that this gorgeous gorilla was… Read More »

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Helping the homeless and less fortunate – intro

As I love in a small village just off a small town in Wales, I have never really seen real homelessness, I have seen the odd sofa surfer along the way, but these people used to be rehoused fairly quickly, but the last few years there has been a massive change, and there are an… Read More »

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Anxiety is a bitch

I would love to know what makes you switch from a relativity normal person to a snivelling wreck, anxiety is such a bitch, you go to bed feeling fine and wake up with a feeling of impending doom, WTF happens in your complex brain that causes this to happen. I don’t even know if it is… Read More »

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My bitter-sweet last Disney trip

My bitter-sweet last Disney trip: the last time I visited my most favourite place in the world Disneyworld was in 2009, I had been trying to return since my first visit in 2001. Our party consisted of me my daughter and 2 grandsons, the minute we walked off the plane and the immense heat hit my face,… Read More »

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